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We then effectively deploy an integrated, multi-format plan to capitalize on all market possibilities for your business. Entrusting your brand identity, user-experience design, and online marketing initiatives represents the ultimate in return on investment for your business and ensures a seamless and flawlessly executed plan throughout each stage of your business process.

We Deliver

Tools to make your business life easier


A philosophy towards continuous improvement.

EXIS is your partner in ensuring your organizational efficiency in an environment where cutting edge technology is the key, that can make the difference.

Our vision is to provide your business the tools that you need, add value to your existing core and simplify your everyday life for you and your customers


Transform your business and reach new customers.

We highly value transformation and up to date tech solutions that can and will increase your competitiveness and professionalism.

Focusing on each customer’s needs, we are dedicated to design software solutions that boost problem-solving, enhance teamwork and promote leadership to result in the ongoing improvement of your organization.


For your business only.

Services and software solutions in EXIS are unique for each customer.

Our business is customer-centric, our services are continuously tuned, and our software packages are totally customizable. It is not about technology; it is about our deep know-how and experience in designing efficient software for your unique business.

We Offer

Solutions that suit your business needs

eXray CRM

Acquire more efficiency for your business for less costs

A complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite including a powerful Workflow Engine that enables you to automate your own business and operational processes in minutes without writing any code or scripting whatsoever!

Salesforce CRM

Grow sales faster with the world’s #1 CRM application

The world’s #1 CRM platform has everything you need to blaze new trails. Take sales force automation to new heights, with an array of cloud-based tools that give your team the power to score more wins, increase productivity, and keep the pipeline filled with solid leads. No software. No hardware. No speed limits.

Custom Software

Software adjusted to your business, not vice-versa…

Using niche technologies, we provide tailored software solutions that will efficiently assist you to automate your business and/or operational processes and, as a result, increase your profit margin.


We value each one… no matter how big or small

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