Inventory Management

EXIS has designed and developed a fully customizable inventory management system, addressed primarily to the telecommunications industry in order to manage their Network Elements or other assets. The special configuration of the system is identified as "NIM - Network Inventory Management".

Inventroy Management Interface Class

Inventory Manegement Resource


Moreover, the system's advanced management functionalities and easy-to-use customization tools allow us to deploy it in any organization / operator that needs a light and cost-saving inventory management system in order to manage its resources and assets.

Network Inventory Management


Overview of NIM's main functions:

  • Management of resources / assets.
  • Management of interfaces (physical and logical), with which resources are connected to each other.
  • Management of the services, which make use of existing resources and interfaces.
  • Management of satellite information regarding resources such as:
  • Sites where resources are located
  • Resource manufacturers
  • Contracts according to which resources are bought, leased etc
  • Resource owners (leased resources)
  • Service receivers (customers)


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