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fleXprint® is a software system that simplifies the enterprise document printing process. It supports the production of personalized documents such as Bills, Statements or business letters from Raw Data (e.g. Invoice data) in several file formats. It addresses common business challenges of telecom operators, ISPs, banks, investment institutions, insurance companies, marketing firms, and generally organisations that frequently conduct mass production of documents and need layout flexibility and rule–based personalisation.


fleXprint Task Manager


Ready-to-Print Document Production

fleXprint® produces ready-to-print document files that do not require any further formatting. It produces PostScript (Level 2/3) files containing the final documents for printing enhanced with printer specific information (i.e. tray changes). A firm that outsources printing operations through this product can be ensured about the layout and content of the output with the minimum cost. If the process is internally managed, the firm can gain flexibility, control, and performance. Furthermore, the system produces PDF files ready for printing /e-mail transmission / archiving / 3rd party systems view (e.g. EBP or CRM). The system is also able to create detailed usage analysis files in electronic (i.e. CSV) format and send them automatically by e-mail to end-customers.


Grid Technology

fleXprint® is Grid enabled! By exploiting the advantages of Grid Technology it produces documents quickly and efficiently, utilising minimum hardware and database resources. The main computational power comes from idle workstations that during non – working hours execute document pagination tasks! Expensive hardware for a process that is executed only for a few hours per day or a few days per month is no longer needed, due to the unique distributed architecture of the system.


Import Tool

fleXprint® provides a flexible parameterised import tool, exploiting Oracle's SQL Loader advantages. It is capable of managing various raw input file formats with outstanding performance.


Message Generation

fleXprint® includes a message generation tool that offers the ability to produce personalised messages per document. The tool provides a user-friendly interface for composing messages, setting the rules that define how each message is applied and where it will be presented on the layout of the document. The message configuration and generation process is quite simple and straightforward. The specified rules are based on the raw data.


fleXprint configurationDocument Generation

fleXprint® provides a document generation mechanism that can be configured in order to override selected raw data parameters (i.e. due dates, payment dates) and/or to replace the default ones produced by the input system, if needed. Furthermore, the system provides the mechanism to select the layout that will be applied to each document, based on rules and parameters that are communicated in the raw data by the input system(s). In that sense, documents in different formats for each customer category (e.g. retail and for corporate), or documents in different languages can be produced.


Document Edit-Preview

fleXprint® provides the ability for last minute document data manipulation before the document production takes place and the ability to preview the generated documents in the final format, as well.


Number Generation

fleXprint® provides the ability to control document number sequences (e.g. for bills or statements). It stores the document number sequences; it can generate new ones and assigns them to the produced documents.


Data Export

fleXprint® provides a data export tool that produces files in various formats output (i.e. ASCII/XML) with selected document data for further processing (i.e. Bill upload on ERP). Statistical Information fleXprint® produces ASCII files with statistical information concerning the document production that is needed by the printing house, the post office and for internal administration issues. The files contain information such as Total Number of Pages, Number of Pages per document etc. These data are used for cost and quality control. Additionally, it produces statistical information regarding every tasks' duration for performance monitoring.

fleXprint® can be used as a concentration point! In case of documents that incorporate customer data from different systems (e.g. Bills containing information derived by two or more systems) to collect and correlate the different data in order to incorporate them in the final document.


Flexible User-Friendly Administration

fleXprint® provides advanced administration functionality for the complete document production procedure. The administrator has a detailed overview of the tasks/jobs that are being executed and receives the necessary information / alerts, whenever an error occurs. The system provides the estimated duration of each task, by means of predictive methods. Additionally, the system exploits advanced Oracle database functionality (i.e. partitioning) for administering and data archiving. In that sense, smaller, faster and more expensive disks are used for the document production processes, and greater, slower and cheaper disks are used for archiving. Finally, it executes all the necessary database administration operations (i.e. analyzing tables and indexes), in order to increase performance on database level and to minimize the required database administration tasks.


fleXprint bill / invoice / statement


Underlying Technology

  • System Area Technical Alternatives
  • RDBMS Oracle 10g / 11g
  • Input data XML / ASCII / EDI
  • Message Management GUI
  • Layout Management Crystal Reports Designer
  • Outputs PostScript / PDF / XML /CSV
  • Scalability Unlimited and cost efficient through Grid Technology
  • Minimum hardware requirements depend on the volume of data to be processed.


Why fleXprint®?

  • Quick & easy custom message management
  • Flexible Document Layout Management
  • Independence from printing house
  • Control and minimization of printing costs
  • Aggregation and consolidation of data in one single document (e.g. Invoice)
  • Support of various input formats
  • Support of various input systems
  • Business rules based document generation
  • Selection of Ready-to-Print output format
  • Document archiving / reproduction
  • Mass e-mail transmission of documents
  • High performance & scalability on low cost hardware
  • Support of several kinds of barcode


You can download a detailed fleXprint® leaflet at the Download Area. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.