eXray Overview

eXray logo eXray CRM assists enterprises:


  • to achieve high automation in customer base management
  • to maintain quality and accountability in all interactions with their customers
  • to automate the execution of customer related business processes
  • to have easy and effective access to consolidated customer information

eXray CRM has been specially designed to meet the needs of service-oriented companies, whose internal processes require them to take into consideration a multitude of business-specific parameters.

 eXray interface

What is eXray?

eXray CRM is a modular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite that addresses common operational issues faced by enterprises that operate in competitive, deregulated markets, provide complicated services or products and have large customer bases.


Who is eXray addressed to?

eXray CRM is addressed to:

  • Telecom Operators
  • Internet Services Providers (ISPs) / Broadband Services Providers
  • Utilities (electrical energy, water supply, gas distributors)
  • Banking / Insurance / Financial corporations
  • Call Centers
  • FMCG / Retail companies

and, in general, organisations that provide complex service bundles on a large scale to their end-customers and require automation and rule–based processing of their actions.


What does eXray offer?

eXray CRM offers everything a service provider would expect from a full-featured CRM platform. The list of functions presented below is indicative, but not exhaustive.

  • Customer management (customer registration and information update)
  • Orders management (order insertion, validation, approval and implementation)
  • Credit Control (credit alerts depending on criteria defined, scorecards)
  • Collections (identification of customers in debt and automatic scheduling of respective actions)
  • Campaigns (customer base segmentation and campaign execution)
  • Sales Support (sales network structure definition, sales activities automation and monitoring)
  • Trouble Ticketing (problem detection and resolution, request reception and response)
  • Customer Loyalty (enable customer rewards and empower company branding)
  • Commissions (commercial policies definition, commission calculation)
  • Call Center Wrapper - CTI (fully integrated Computer Telephony Integration solution, possibility for integration with third-party solutions)
  • BI / Data Warehousing and CRM analytics
  • Interfaces for integration with legacy systems (ERP, Billing, intranets, corporate web sites)


What do I get with eXray?

eXray CRM advantagesBy installing eXray you get:

  • Software end-user clients supporting various languages that:
    • Provide aggregated customer information in a single view
    • Enable front-line, customer support personnel to log all customer interactions effectively with just a few clicks
    • Enable back-office and network personnel to process customer-related tasks efficiently and log the respective details
  • Effective supervision tools that enable department supervisors to manage task assignments, monitor task queues and track task processing progress in real time
  • Handy configuration tools that enable the adaptation of the platform to any business need
  • Powerful workflow engines able to coordinate and execute your complex business processes such as the provisioning of an order, the execution of a campaign or the step-by-step resolution of a customer problem
  • Intuitive workflow configuration tools that enable the definition of workflow prototypes without having to write a single line of code
  • A functional customer categorization engine that enables customer base segmentation from multiple points of view
  • A fine-grained and easily configured access control system which is based on the user / user group / permission combination principles
  • An extensible XML-based interface engine that enables a quick and undisrupted flow of information between eXray and your legacy systems


  • A dynamic customer model that enables you to store and manage complex customer hierarchies without depth limitations
  • A flexible workflow definition and runtime model which is based on the eXray's fundamental concepts of customer case and customer event
  • A sophisticated product structure that enables you to easily model even the most challenging bundle of offered services


Can I get only a part of eXray?

Yes you can! eXray CRM is based on a modular architecture that enables us to choose and furnish you (either by means of software or by means of configuration) only with the features that you really need. Our past experience in the analysis of service provider business requirements led us to design the product as a suite of modules, with each module incorporating specific business functionality. The componentized nature of eXray enables a service provider to proceed with a step-by-step creation of his CRM system, which is a prudent (and cost-effective) approach for the Greek market, where most companies still fail to identify clearly their business processes. Click for a brief overview of eXray modules' functionality.


What are my benefits?

By adopting eXray you can

  • Take advantage of its powerful workflow engine to automate and accelerate all customer-related business processes, from order entry and provisioning to collection management
  • Perform efficient supervision of all task assignments
  • Exploit the power of its reliable validation engine and eliminate entry errors and omissions
  • Codify your information, produce more effective reports and, thus, have a better knowledge of your customer base
  • Increase your quality of service and produce satisfied customers through providing an operational and well-coordinated customer centre that is able to receive, process and resolve any request with minimum effort
  • Experience a significant growth of your customer base and an unprecedented return of investment as a result of the overall increased productivity
  • How do I integrate eXray with my existing infrastructure?

eXray CRM does not know the details of your existing infrastructure. For that reason, it is forced to use a flexible and easy to implement protocol that will make the integration process as smooth as possible. The protocol consists of a typical, asynchronous request / response communication. The messages exchanged are structured using the XML language, which is the most popular and widely accepted industry standard nowadays.

The asynchronous nature of the communication protocol guarantees that possible malfunction or even failure in any of your legacy systems will not affect the operation and the overall performance of eXray. The existence of a middleware (MW) infrastructure that will translate and deliver messages back and forth is strongly recommended for system uncoupling reasons.


What is the underlying technology?

eXray knowledge is stored in a relational database management system (Oracle DB recommended). The heart of the platform, i.e. the workflow engine, has been developed using the Microsoft .net 4.5 Framework. Graphical user interfaces, services and engines have been developed using the .net framework and DevExpress add-ons. Interfacing with third-party systems is achieved by means of the XML or web services technology.

eXray CRM has been tested and certified against Microsoft's Windows client and server operating systems.

compatible with Microsoft Windows 

works with Microsoft Windows Server

Why not choose another product?

Because most of modern customer relationship management tools in the market and abroad:

  • Have a design that matches the retail/commodities market and cannot model complex service-related products such as the ones that exist in the telecoms sector
  • Do not have an integrated workflow functionality and, thus, require the existence of a separate product for such functionality
  • Require complex configurations that usually demand programming skills
  • Create high dependency between the enterprise and the vendor Have high configuration and support costs


What are the costs?

Costs are definitely much lower than you would expect! Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

You can download respective marketing material for eXray CRM at the Download Area.