eXray Modules

eXray CRM has been specially designed for the complex business operations that modern industries and markets require. It focuses on business processes, operational efficiency and management of complex procedures.

The system provides various modules, covering the different operations of the CRM area. eXray can be logically represented by the following diagram:

EXIS eXray CRM modules

Each block of the diagram above represents a part of the system. Some of them actually come in a form of a different software module, while others refer to a very special configuration of another base module and in that sense refer to logical modules only.

  • eXray Core is the kernel module of the system, which models all business entities and provides the framework for the rest of the components to operate. eXray Core provides Customer Information Management and basic management and monitoring functionalities on customers' relationships.
  • eXray Validation is an embedded add-on to Core module, which enables the code–free parameterization of complex validation rules that guide the users for both correct customer / order entry as also event management in the frame of workflow and scripting.
  • eXray Workflow Runtime is one of the main background services of the system. It has been designed and implemented over the Microsoft Workflow Foundation, based on TeleManagement Forum's principles and aspects (TAM and eTOM), delivering flexible and robust customer / supplier related workflow mechanisms, and it provides the ability to execute multi-role business processes, guided by the workflow engine, including human and system interactions.
  • eXray Workflow Designer is a tool that enables the code-free visual definition and management of user workflow diagrams, defined by rules containing logical conditions, regardless of their complexity. The module has been integrated with the eXray Configurator and is offered free of any additional licenses.
  • eXray Product provides the tools for the design and configuration of products offered by an operator to their customers.
  • eXray Order provides the framework for order entry, management and execution as also contract life-cycle management and change management (versioning). It highly interacts with Product management, Validation management and Workflow.
  • eXray Sales is a logical module of the system, which enables  a complete orchestration, automation and monitoring of sales activities by dealers or sales-men.
  • eXray Collections is a logical module of the system, which provides a special workflow configuration and a set of metrics useful for the processing of customers' open debts. It fully exploits the multi-dimensional categorization schemes, the workflow and the customer scoring based on indices, and provides the environment of the end-to-end automation of debt management process.
  • eXray Customer Support / Trouble Ticketing is a software module (add-on) that enhances the capabilities of the Customer Automation, with functionality specific for the management of trouble tickets, inquiries and complaints. More specifically, it automates the process of trouble case registering, trouble handling, resolution process and customer follow-up, with mechanisms that provide effectiveness to the telecom and service provider industry, where problem management often requires that the systems take under consideration the impact of a problem reported by one customer to others, when common service attributes exist.
  • eXray Web Self Care is a web environment meant for customers or partners that interact with the company over the web and need to post requests and monitor their evolution or follow smart dialogs and wizards in order to be self-served.
  • eXray Credit Control is a new module that uses internal and external scoring data and concepts in order to evaluate the creditability of prospect and existing customers in order to influence the business processes of order / contract management, service provisioning, debt / balance management etc.
  • eXray Customer Loyalty is a logical module of the system, which supports customer rewards or other possibilities to earn points based on products and services rendered.
  • eXray Commissions provides the environment for modelling of commission / revenue sharing agreements. Additionally it provides the mechanisms for batch calculation of commissions exploiting order management event logs, Billing and R/A data.
  • eXray Campaigns is a special configuration of selected modules in order to automate the process of outbound operations such as sales campaigns, promotions, researches, bad debt calls etc.
  • eXray Call Centre / CTI wrapper is a software module of the system providing the layer for seamless integration with a call centre or CTI platform available in the operator. The unique advantage here is that eXray provides an in-application CTI integration while most of the products in the market require the parallel usage of two separate application which typically is a source operational problems and errors.
  • eXray Web is a web front for partners, supporting remote order entry / customer management, Point of Sales Support, customer interaction management, external partners co-ordination over assigned customer-centric tasks, etc. It can be used by both remote points of sales or departments as also by external partners undertaking specific tasks on an outsource model.
  • eXray Web Reports is an add-on to the eXray Call Centre module providing real-time on-line reports to end-customers regarding call centre activities.
  • eXray SLA is a logical module of the system, which bases on the customer automation and contract management providing a special workflow configuration and a set of metrics useful for SLA management. It provides automated processes for addressing all necessary actions in order to fulfil an SLA reacting on time to all kinds of issues occurring, that might risk it. It has to be noted that the actual modelling of the SLA is part of the customer's / supplier's contract; the SLA management focuses on the coverage of this agreement. Its operation requires the availability of service level measurements and alerts.
  • eXray Metrics & Analytics is a software module of the system providing infrastructure based on Oracle tools for analytical operations as KPIs & KQIs, Customer scoring, Policy evaluation, Customer behavior analysis, Decision Support, etc. The module is implemented in a custom approach based on customer specific business requirements and can be exploited after some months of eXray CRM productive usage.
  • eXray APIs is a base module of the system that enables the smooth integration of third party systems or internal development into some key CRM operations. It is provided as a set of Web Services that enable the on - line customer / supplier entry and update, order entry / updates, case / event entry / update from alternative applications (e.g. 3rd party web fronts, batch tools etc.). It has to be noted that eXray itself uses the same API for the respective operations (in both fat client and web fronts), therefore it is assured that any further processing of operations initiated via the API will be identically processed by the workflow engine, the integration engine and the rest of the system.
  • eXray Interface is a base module of the system, which offers an XML-based mechanism for asynchronous integration with third party systems. It fully exploits the existence of a BUS or MW infrastructure and enables the deployment of an eTOM compliant architecture. Interactions between eXray CRM and third party systems of integration platform (e.g. EAI, Middleware etc.) are bidirectional, i.e. either eXray CRM or 3rd party can be the initiator of a request.