eXray CRM

A complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite including a powerful Workflow Engine and other stand-alone modules.


eXray logoEXIS has designed and developed from scratch a complete Customer Relationships Management (CRM) system, eXray. The system aims to fulfill common operational issues faced by enterprises that operate in competitive, deregulated markets, provide complicated services or products, and have large customer bases.

Customer Relationship Management is responsible for all interactions between an Organization / Operator, its customers, its prospects, its partners and its channels. Customers / Prospects include End - Customers / Prospects in the mass and corporate markets (this also includes customers captured via dealers), external service providers (SPs), resellers and other third parties. The same system manages sales and marketing operations, as well.

The integration of telecommunications and IT in almost all business sectors has enabled during the last few years the frequent occurrence of an entity having multiple relationships with an organization. It is a quite common phenomenon that a customer is simultaneously a supplier or a dealer or is related to other customers or suppliers. A small customer can be a potential important supplier and vice versa. For this reason the actual term of ‘Customer’ normally should be replaced by the term ‘Partner’, in order to clearly define the entity that needs to be managed by a CRM system.

eXray's modules can be appropriately configured and parameterized in order to cover each customer's special needs. That was actually the main concern of EXIS' designers: to develop a system that will be deployed smoothly to each customer's environment, integrate with other Business Support Systems (even other popular CRM systems, i.e. Siebel), keeping this way costs low.

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