CDR Analyzer

CDR Analyzer


CDR Analyzer logoCDR Analyzer® is an integrated Business Support System (BSS) for telecommunication companies, which offers interconnection cost control, network usage monitoring, network planning support, quality of service (QoS) monitoring and a sophisticated end–to-end Least Cost Routing (LCR) functionality.

CDR Analyzer® focuses on the first phase of traffic data processing. Regardless of the technology applied to switches, it logs all requests that they process into special files (CDRs / EDRs). These files contain detailed information about the different stages of the routing of a call, which can be used for different scopes like network monitoring, service charging, QoS monitoring, detection of bad use of network or tracing of telecommunication fraud issues, etc. This is the main input of the system, which can be communicated to it either after the processing of a mediation device, or even directly from collection directories, in order for the system to provide an extra cross-check mechanism.

CDR Analyzer® processes CDRs in order to produce various indexes and reports for network monitoring, supporting the optimum call routing and planning network capacity. Furthermore, it provides effective cost control functionality for the interconnected telecommunication carriers.


Network Statistical Monitoring

CDR Analyzer® provides statistical information for the network traffic and the QoS, in order to come up to conclusions about how customers are served, how they behave and what the emerging needs for network expansions are. The system provides a user-friendly GUI for the system representation of the network elements of a TelCo. The system is compliant with the structure of a typical telecommunication network, where the switches, their trunk groups and ports can be declared. However alternative approaches for IP networks can be configured as well. 


Interconnection Cost Control

CDR Analyzer® offers an easy-to-use mechanism for cost control of third party telecommunication carriers that provides the ability of effective error tracking, as well details for arguments in the cases of disputes. The system provides the functionality of simulating the business charging model of the carrier. The calls are rated over the interconnection rates between the carriers and the charging time zone schema. The output is provided in configurable groupings, in order to provide data easily comparable to statement report.


Least Cost Routing

CDR Analyzer® offers the functionality of calculating the optimum call routing on the network depending on the cost-to-quality ratio. The system provides through a user friendly GUI the ability to assign the costs of the international destinations for each one of the international carriers that are interconnected with the telecommunication company. The optimum route is calculated taking into consideration the best ratio of cost-to-quality for each destination. The system supports also the production of routing files that can be automatically deployed on the network switches for automated control of routing mechanisms. In this way it can enable the commercial teams that deal with pricing, to control the routing through a secure and effective process.


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