Strep: EC-GIN

EC-GIN: Europe-China Grid InterNetworking

EC-GIN (Europe-China Grid InterNetworking)

EXIS participated into EC-GIN project as the Work-Package leader for Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization activities and partner in several other WPs.

EC-GIN is one of the very first STREP research projects co-founded by the E.U. under the Framework Programme 6 (FP6) which challenges Europe and China to work together on improving the network for better support of Grid applications and services.

Other participants were:

  • Innsbruck, UIBK, Austria
  • University of Zürich, UniZH, Switzerland
  • Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique, INRIA, France
  • Lancaster University, ULANC, UK
  • Justinmind, JIM, Spain
  • University of Surrey, UniS, UK
  • Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, BUPT, China
  • Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ISCAS, China
  • China Telecommunication Technology Labs, CTTL, China
  • China Mobile Group Design Institute Co., Ltd, CMDI, China

Project kicked-off on November 2006 and has been completed on January 2010.

EXIS has embodied Grid technology in its fleXprint software package. The Grid enabled version has already been installed in a major Telecommunications Service Provider of the Greek market.