Eurostars: Workflow For Service

Eurostars: Workflow For Service

Eurostars: Workflow For Service

EXIS in co-operation with the Spanish R&D information technologies company Justinmind participated in EUREKA’s Eurostars Programme, the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to research-performing SMEs.

Eurostars stimulates them to lead international collaborative research and innovation projects.

Eurostars is a joint programme between more than 30 EUREKA member countries and the European Union

The Eurostars mission is "To support R&D-performing entrepreneurs, by funding their research activities, enabling them to compete internationally and become leaders in their sector."


Eurostars: Workflow For Service


Our project "Workflow for Service" kicked-off on July 2010 and has been completed on July 2012.

The aim of the project was to provide applied software solutions for a workflow engine based integration of a number of service components within an existing infrastructure in the services management domain.

The deliverable was a brand-new Workflow / Business Process Management System for the Services Management Environment with a special focus on the telecommunications industry. The engine has been embodied and is commercially available in our eXray CRM Workflow Designer module. 

EXIS Workflow Model

Workflow Model

EXIS Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer