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The 4 new updates to Facebook Ads

It seems that Facebook changes everyday. Whether it’s a new button for posts, a different way to communicate with friends, or an algorithm update for pages, it can be challenging to stay on top of all the updates, especially the changes that matter most to businesses and our Pages.

Which platform is best for online advertising: Facebook or Google? (infographic)

There are the “arch rivals” of the 21st century, both built thanks to millions of advertising revenue. But which platform is really the best to advertise your business online: Google or Facebook?

Remove Accents from UTF-8 (Greek) Uppercase Characters in Joomla

23 September 2014

Most Joomla templates nowadays use uppercase letters for main menu items and headings. Unfortunately UTF-8 characters include accents when they are transformed into uppercase letters.

Follow the following steps to remove the accents from uppercase letters.

Xamarin 3 release

28 May 2014

Xamarin introduced Xamarin 3, which includes four major improvements to the way you build apps. EXIS consolidates great experience in the Xamarin platform.