Our History

Milestones of our 16 years experience

View our timeline with the most significant milestones of our history, including major software solutions releases, key partnerships etc.


After 16 years, EXIS HQ move to 27A Kifisias Avenue.


Developed the official Elpedison Portal for partners. EXIS is back in the electrical power business!
Complete redesign of eXray Tablet for Sales, a CRM module for iPad.


Th Web Services department is growing fast. At EXIS we develop an average of 2 websites / e-shops each month.
eXray CRM v6: Complete re-design of our CRM system including new User Interface for all modules, application performance improvement, as well as a new light client for iPad and Android tablets: eXray Tablet for Sales.


Two EXIS key professionals receive Google AdWords certification, a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords.
Despite the on-going financial crisis, EXIS announces a 28,2% increase in turnover and over 1.000% in net profit for fiscal year 2015.


stokarotsi.gr: We support the 1st Greek on-line farmers' market.
Bark - Your dog's social life: Release of a unique social mobile application for iOS.


Engaged further the e-business market with sophisticated web services (web marketing, SEO, social media management, web site redesign and performance improvement, etc.)
YiaDes: Release of our first business mobile application for iOS and Android.


The electrical power market has been hit severely when the two major competitors of PPC are shut down in one night.

Financial crisis in Greece is expanding and has great impact in the IT business as well.
Further engagement with the e-business. Our Web Services dept. is constantly growing.


Significant expansion abroad having delivered software solutions for large companies in UK and Cyprus.
Participated in the project "Workflow for Service" in the framework of EUREKA’s Eurostars, the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to research-performing SMEs, in co-operation with the Spanish R&D IT company "Justinmind". The deliverable upgraded significantly our CRM system.


eXray CRM v5: Complete re-design of our CRM system. Major installation at Aegean Power (an electrical power distribution company, later Hellas Power) as the master Operations Support system.
eXray CRM v4.50: Major update of our CRM system, including Teleoffice and Advanced Reporting modules.


NIM v1.0: Release of our own Network Inventory Management system. First installation at OteGlobe.
Entered the web 2.0 business with Joomla CMS.

Deployed Oracle iAS and Portal for our first e-government project at Municipality of Orestiada.


Became a Certified Microsoft Partner as a recognition for our technological excellence and impact on customers through Microsoft products and services.
Participated into EC-GIN (Europe-China Grid InterNetworking) R&D project, one of the very first research projects co-founded by the E.U. under the Framework Programme 6 (FP6) which challenges Europe and China to work together on improving the network for better support of Grid applications and services.


Reached approx. 80% of the Greek telecom operators market having successfully delivered our products and our consulting services.
fleXprint v1.0: Release of our statements management software, based on BillPrinting using computing grid technology. First major installation at Vivodi Telecom.


First major R&D project: "Computing Grid", in the framework of PAVET initiative.
CorpoSite v1.0: Release of our own Content Management System for corporate web sites (technology used: Microsoft's ASP). CorpoSite reached v.3.6 until 2010, when it was depreciated. However, the product is still supported.


eXray CRM v1.0: Release of our own complete Customer Relationship Management suite. The product is modular including many complex functions and it addresses the services sector focusing on telecommunications and utilities. Various installations at Greek telecom operators during the following years.
CDR Analyzer v1.0: Release of our unique OSS for telcos offering interconnection cost control, network usage monitoring, network planning support, QoS monitoring and a sophisticated end-to-end Least Cost Routing functionality. First installation at Teledome.

Also, beginning of designing from scratch and developing our own CRM product.


Joined Telemanagement Forum (TMF) among only 3 other companies in Greece.

Also, joined Oracle Partner Network (OPN) as a Silver Member.
First major telecoms project: Replacement of the Billing System for Lannet Communications, Athens.


BillPrinting v1.0: Release of our statements and documents management system. Initial configuration addresses to fixed telephony operators.
Two of the co-founders are leaving for other professional activities. The 3 key shareholders remain the same until December, 2014. George Benecos and Tasos Taskaris will continue from 2015 and then.


Established co-operation with German consulting firm "Logan Orviss International GmbH"
November: Moved from Chalandri to new offices at Mavili Sq., Athens.


May, 8th, 2001: EXIS is founded by the 5 graduates of NTUA, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.
Prior to EXIS, the 5 co-founders are working together in many software and consulting projects.


Since 1999, George Benecos, Tasos Taskaris, Serafeim Kotrotsos, Yiannis Xirouchakis and George Votsis have participated in launching nygma.gr, the 1st student web portal in Greece, which offers many web 2.0 and community functions many years before other well known social netowrks!