EXIS Partner Program


The Information Technology market is becoming more complex and its rate of change is accelerating. IT organizations have heavily invested on disparate applications and technologies, with a corresponding mix of incompatible development, deployment, and operational environments. In the coming years, it is estimated that businesses will significantly invest in application infrastructure, IT services and software solutions to overcome these obstacles and enable faster response to market conditions and customer needs.

EXIS has long foreseen these trends and for this reason the firm has addressed significant investements on developing a business approach and the respective products that meet the requirements of tomorrow. In parallel EXIS recognizes the value of partnering to tap into the opportunities that the new challenges create, make business in new markets and expand penetration into existing ones.

EXIS Partner Program

EXIS provides IT solutions that offer organizations high flexibility and adaptability to change, increased visibility into their business operations, reduced operating costs, optimized supply chains, increased productivity, improved financial performance and a greater ability to acquire and retain profitable customers.

Partnering with EXIS

At EXIS, we recognize the need for partners. To us, partners are a critical element for delivering added value to our customers. These long-term strategic business partnerships are essential to our market strategy and fundamental to our success. That's why we are driven to cultivate key relationships with technology system integrators and ISVs.

If you are strong in the TelCo (or other similar) market of your region, through partnership with EXIS your firm can build new business on:

  • eXray CRM suite
  • fleXprint system
  • Network Inventory Management system
  • BSS/OSS consulting

eXray CRM is suitable for competition-intensive sectors with complex products and services like Telecoms, Call Centres, Banks and Insurance companies. Targeted solutions can also be implemented using separate modules of the CRM suite, addressing specific areas like Collections, Credit Control, Commissions and Order Management, Trouble Ticketing, CTI - Computer Telephony Integration, Sales & Campaigns Management and Customer Segmentation.

fleXprint is a system handling corporate documents and/or statements in a flexible way, providing personalization facilities and high performance metrics. The system is suitable for enterprises that have regular written communication with customers issuing invoices, statements, offers or contracts. Our product runs in-between corporate systems of an enterprise such as ERP, Billing or CRM and any applications responsible for the delivery of these documents to the customers either via printing or through electronic means.

The Network Inventory Management system addresses primarily to the telecommunications industry in order to manage their Network Elements. The system covers all major inventory functionalities like management of assets and resources and related satellite information, interfaces, services, etc.

Consulting: EXIS delivers significant expertise in the area of consulting services for System Specification development, optimization of Business Processes, selection of 3rd party BSS/OSS (Business Support Systems / Operation Support Systems), tender organizing and monitoring, IT systems architecture evaluation and business process re-engineering. EXIS applies worldwide approved methodologies and facilitates in a sufficient way the job of managers that usually handle these cases. Furthermore, it provides consulting services in areas that are under serious investments like enterprise (re)organizing, new IT infrastructure adoption and Telecommunications. Especially in the area of BSS/OSS EXIS covers all the well-established solutions that exist in the market, having a clear picture not only from their business point-of-view but also providing strong technical guidance.

Our value proposition

A partnership with EXIS is based upon a mutually beneficial relationship. Our program provides a predictable and clearly defined environment for you to work within. We ensure that you have the necessary resources to immediately focus on implementation of the partnership. Our teams and flexible relationship options also help you to customize a partnership arrangement that best reflects your business.

Supporting you as a Partner

The EXIS Partner Program is designed to meet a spectrum of our partners' needs, from business development to technical support. It provides you with tailored benefits depending on the type of partnership and your commitment.

Business Development Support: it consists of tools, like presentations, templates, data sheets, technical white papers, sales demos, sales guidelines, proposal templates, opportunity analysis, business case compilation, and pricing. Depending upon achievement level, discounts on EXIS software are provided to partners to help them achieve designated sales volume levels.

Technology and Technical Support: With technical support services, approved partners receive support through web, telephone, and email channels. It includes demo scenario set-ups, pilot system configuration, migration and localization.

Becoming a Partner

At EXIS, we are continuously striving to build strong relationships with companies who complement our service offerings and are committed to providing maximum value to existing and potential customers. We welcome opportunities to explore new partnerships and invite you to find out more by calling us at +30.2107474283, or contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can download a detailed leaflet at the Download Area.