eXpand your business 

EXIS is a Greek Information Technology company founded in May 2001 aiming to offer business systems integration & implementation and sophisticated consulting services in the area of Information & Communication Technologies.

We design and develop tailored business software solutions with our main focus in the area of the services industry (i.e. telecoms, financials, banking, utilities, etc.) and more precisely in the BSS, OSS and organizational aspects for such firms.

We can help you expand your business, increase your customer base, enhance your brand awareness and boost your social presence at low costs.

It is not about technology; it is about our deep know-how and experience in designing efficient software, providing quality consulting, and creating solid web sites and handy mobile applications for your business.

Exis Company Greece

Each customer is unique

Our services and software solutions present a differentiating factor: as each customer is unique, in this concept each project has its own special needs. Thus, our business is customer-centric, our services are continuously tuned, and our software packages are totally customizable.


Our mission is to...

  • Define your specific business requirements
  • Deploy the appropriate long-term architectures and solutions
  • Implement and integrate solutions efficiently
  • Support your business all the way

Our vision is that you finally...

  • Get the business value and benefits that you expect for both yourself and your customers
  • Improve and simplify your everyday life
  • Incorporate new technologies


EXIS is your partner to enable your organization increase and maintain efficiency in today's business, where edge technology combined with best practices can make the difference.


Learn more about our key business experts and the most significant milestones in our history, join EXIS or become an EXIS partner.